Thursday, August 20, 2020

Restarting My Journey | Scrimba

 Hello Everyone,

This year with this pandemic life has been crazy. I went from super devoted to learn how to code, to barely opening up my laptop. I lost my passion. I felt slow and I had severe impostor syndrome. Moving on to now I had my 3rd child and It gave me a new purpose, a new fire, a new passion for becoming a software engineer. 

Just to give you some context, I am a SAHM and wife of three beautiful children. I have a passion for technology and I love to learn new things. I will become a software engineer and be able to provide for my family! I have fought to be here.

This leads me to SCRIMBA!!! I am not sure if you heard about it but scrimba is a website that provides super cool fun tutorials for learning how to code. They currently have a career path to become a front end developer for 19$ a month. I had to jump on this deal and I am thankful to God for providing the funds for me to be able to do this. I am not sponsored by them in any way but I wanted to let you know where I am on my journey and I wanted to share this super cool resource with you all.

Check it out here : Scrimba


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